Davis County is the home of the Davis County School District. The school system is one of the best in the state of Iowa. The district is also very unique in that it is a county wide school district. 

The county wide school district unifies the county and when asked "Where are you from?", many residents will answer Davis County rather than Floris, Drakesville, Pulaski or Bloomfield.

Bloomfield is also the home to the Davis Center, an outreach center of Indian Hills Community College. Indian Hills Community College, located eighteen (18) miles north of Bloomfield in Ottumwa, is one of fifteen community colleges in Iowa and is well known for its educational opportunities as well as its athletic programs. Buena Vista University also provides students the opportunity to attain a four year degree through their outreach program located on the Indian Hills campuses.

The Davis County Community School system is producing a high level of success.

  • Davis County Schools currently have a 95% graduation rate
  • Davis County Elementary School was one of on 14 schools in Iowa to earn "Highly Successful Reading First School" recognition.
  • Davis County Middle School continues to be a leader in student achievement in the state of Iowa.
  • During the 2008-09 school year, Davis County High School celebrated the highest student achievement scores on the Iowa Test of Education Development in school history!
  • Please visit for more information on our school system.


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